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Vietnamese for Kids

Communicate in Vietnamese with confidence. Study with native and experienced teachers in our live classroom. All levels available.

Why take Vietnamese for Kids courses at HORAMI?

Live Classroom

Your kids can have interactive lessons with experienced teachers and classmates.

Small group or 1:1 class

Flexible choices for students when comes to class size.

Engaging lesson plan

Our lessons included fun activities to help children enjoy their language learning.

Learn Vietnamese for everyday conversations

Our language curriculum designed to teach daily life topics so that learner can be confidence to communicate in Vietnamese in everyday situations.

Our teachers have experience in teaching young bilingual children. Teachers will make lessons more engaging with fun activities like: stories, quiz, etc.

In our small size classroom, learning journey of each student will be tailored to their needs. Teachers can give student the right attention and provide instant feedback

Beginner - Advanced

Learning levels with CEFR

At HORAMI Academy, we use CEFR to measure your language proficiency level. CEFR system is short for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – which is an international standard for measuring language learner ability within a language.

Our Vietnamese course for Kids

There are many ways to prepare for a test. One of the best ways is to start your preparation is to take our best courses that well-customised for a test preparation. Let’s explore.

Learn and Play with Kitty

This course teaches learners the Vietnamese language and the business culture in Vietnam. Teachers will introduce a wide range of vocabulary in business and commerce vocabulary during class preparing learners to the Vietnamese professional environment.

Reading & Writing Vietnamese (Kids)

This course levels up Vietnamese reading and writing skills for children. Our lessons encourage your children to practice reading and writing skills while doing playful exciting activities. The level of competence will be gradually increasing throughout the course.

Vietnamese Conversation (Kids)

This course is designed for children from 5 years old to improve their vocabulary and conversation skills in Vietnamese. Our lessons are planned with interactive activities so that children can enjoy practicing the language . Their conversational Vietnamese and confidence will improve after this course.

Ready to start learning Vietnamese online?

Meet our teachers

Frequently asked questions

We have a wide range of language courses for children from 4 years old to 15 years old. There is a wide range of courses from reading and writing Vietnamese to Vietnamese conversation. You can explore all the courses here (link).

In each course details you will find the session “Who is this course for?”. This session describes in details the entry requirement as well as the course purposes. 

We also offer a trial class so that you child can get to know the class format and the teacher before course begin.

We offer only online classes and they are in a small group or 1:1 format.

Our method includes 3 steps, which are crucial in learning a new skill. Learn, Practice, and Integrate it into your life.

Our students learn most effectively in online classes that encourage genuine and meaningful communication. We encourage interactiveness in our classes and give instant feedback to our students, so they can get all the resources needed.

We will focus on your needs and create a space where you can learn in a holistic and effective way.

Yes, our teachers are native Vietnamese speakers.

For German courses, all the instructors are required to demonstrate a minimum of C1 level proficiency in the German language.

How to learn Vietnamese effectively?

To get familiar with and use a foreign language effectively, learners need to practice that language on a regular basis. Practicing and getting feedback from native speakers will make learners progress faster. At HORAMI, we create an ideal practice environment for students to practice Vietnamese skills. In addition to learning with native teachers in the classroom, students are encouraged to interact with other learners in the community we build.

Why should your child learn Vietnamese online?

Learning Vietnamese online at home is a convenient option for many families. Parents and students can cut down on travel time. They can also choose class times that fit the student’s and family’s schedule. Students can connect with native teachers easily. In small online classes (under 6 students), like those held at HORAMI Academy, students will receive more attention from teachers than when attending large offline classes.