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Thanh Ngan

    With a Hanoi accent, Ms. Thanh Ngan has given many tender, interesting, and effective Vietnamese lessons for over 10 years. When joining her class,  learners have opportunities to practice the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing from beginner to advance level. Learners can also perceive the subtleties of the language and discover […]

Nguyen Thi Tra My

  My name is Nguyen Thi Tra My. I am currently working as The Vice Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication at Thai Nguyen University. I had a Ph.D. in Linguistics. I have 10 years’ worth of experience in teaching the Vietnamese language to foreigners. My experience and area of expertise include applying […]

Dr. Huong Nguyen

I am a researcher in linguistics learning and have a big passion for teaching the Vietnamese language. I am a passionate guide and a patient companion for those who love learning the Vietnamese language. I nurture learners’ inspiration for the language and help them enjoy the learning through exciting activities.   Other information:  Achieve third […]

Thuy Anh Pham

My dear friend,  Language is the bridge that helps us connect and get close to culture and people, wherever we are. Understanding and using the local language is an important factor for understanding, living, and integrating. I am honored to accompany you on the path to conquering the language of Germany and settling in the […]